We are a web3 indie game studio bringing The Beacon to life.

As people increasingly seek pro-social spaces online, great games can deliver massive value in entertainment and economy. We see web3 as a nascent frontier ready to receive the next wave of compelling games.

We believe that fun gameplay must always come first. We believe the biggest value proposition of web3 gaming is its network effects, that game asset ownership is innovative and interesting when those assets are interoperable with other projects.

We are building a game for ourselves to play and enjoy, first and foremost. And we hope to build for you too.

The Beacon will be a fantasy action roguelite.

The Beacon aims to deliver the feel of a fantasy action RPG while incorporating features of a roguelite.

For those unfamiliar with roguelites, the two hallmark features of the genre are “permadeath” and procedurally generated levels. In The Beacon, players will enter dungeons with a base weapon of their choice, find upgrades to that weapon during their run through a dungeon, and will lose those upgrades at the end of a run whether via dying or completion. Dungeons will be procedurally generated so that players will encounter a unique set of challenges and experiences on every run.

The Beacon will support multiple modes of play.

Single Player PvE

Player will start a run and enter a dungeon, player creatively battles their way through hordes of monsters and environment traps, player tries not to die, and player is rewarded with valuable NFT loot along the way for them to keep.

Co-op PvE

Player will form a party and start a run through a dungeon as a group.

Housing System

The housing system is a social game of self-expression and discovery. You can collect various house decor to customize your house. Afterwards, showcase and share your abode with friends.

The Beacon will be a skill-based game.

Players will need to have good timing and reflexes to successfully react and defeat challenges in real-time. Some weapon classes will have low learning curves while others will have high learning curves. Your skill will influence how successfully you progress through dungeons, and in turn how much loot you bring home.

The Beacon will be available to play on desktop and in-browser.

We will provide a desktop client for the game that users can download. Players may also access the game in-browser.

The Beacon will be free-to-play.