What are Harvesters?

Harvesters are massive entities that originate from Bridgeworld, a part of the Treasure universe. They are unique in that they serve as physical manifestations of $MAGIC rewards and provide these rewards to players who have gained their favor.

By staking Scales of Emerion (also known as Ancient Permits), players can form a bond with these Harvesters and earn $MAGIC rewards.


The Beacon Harvesters Event: A Two-Phases Adventure

This event is divided into two distinct phases:

Phase 1 (June 5th - June 19th) Phase 2 (June 19th and on) Starting June 5th, players will venture into four new dungeons each week, facing off against Grin, a challenging new boss from Bridgeworld.

The dungeons will not only yield regular loot but also an event-specific item called Scale of Emerion, which will be involved in the $MAGIC emission mechanics in Bridgeworld after the Harvester awakens at the end of Phase 1(June 19th).

The event will also feature new limited edition sets that can be obtained via dungeon drops, these will only be lootable during Phase 1.


bith items.gif

*Only founding characters are entitled to earn NFTs and Scales of Emerion

Phase 1: In-Game Event (Week 1 and Week 2)

During the first phase, players will accumulate Scales of Emerion from the dungeons in The Beacon. Defeat Grin in order to have a chance to obtain the Scales.

A total of 3000 Scales of Emerion(Ancient Permits) can be acquired during Phase 1:

Although Scales of Emerion are obtained as in-game items, they will not show up in your inventory. Instead, they will be displayed on the game’s UI through a counter. Scales are not dropped in the coward’s exit.

After the two-week event concludes on June 19th, the Harvester will awaken, and players will be able to trade their Scale of Emerion for Ancient Permits via our webapp.

Ancient Permits are NFTs that will be used to assemble the harvester and make it come to life.

Essentially players will trade Scales for Ancient Permits on a 1:1 ratio, these are a particular NFT required to participate in the harvester mechanics. Each Permit allows a player to bond up to 2000 $MAGIC and are highly sought after, as well as tradable in the marketplace.


             The Beacon Ancient Permit

         The Beacon Ancient Permit

Phase 2: Harvester Awakens (After June 19th)

In the second phase, the Harvester awakens, meaning its full capacities will begin to function. The Harvester will remain active for a few months after its awakening.

Players will be able to interact with the Harvester through a web app UI at The Beacon. Here, they can claim their Ancient Permits and engage with other event mechanics.

Once the Harvester awakens, players can stake Ancient Permits in it, granting them the ability to bond $MAGIC with the Harvester and earn $MAGIC rewards. Each Ancient Permit allows the user to stake up to 2000 $MAGIC, each account can stake a maximum amount of 20 permits at the same time.

Several mechanics will come into play and will remain live for as long as the harvester is active: